30 Days: Programming (Wrap-Up)

So I made it through the first 30 days. Well, it's actually been something like 40 days because there were a few days that I missed and wanted to make up for them. I didn't finish the course but I did manage to get 66% of the way through. It's certainly enough progress for me to want to see it through and finish it. It wasn't the most convenient thing to commit to every day (hence the reason I had to miss a few days), there were some days were I just wasn't near a computer and couldn't commit to an hour of coding tutorials. However, I did find that on the days when I was really short of time it did help to just do something, even if it was one section for 10 minutes. Even a small amount a day was enough to keep the momentum going and avoid slipping into the mental trap of not wanting to continue because of the feeling that the whole thing has gone off the rails. I'll continue with the lessons to get to the end of it, and hopefully keep the momentum going. As for the next 30 day challenge, I have a couple of ideas of what I want to give a go next so I'll post it here when I decide.