2014: One Second Every Day

Throughout 2014 I have been working on a personal video project. I decided to film one second of video every day starting from January 1st 2014 right through to December 31st 2014. The result is a the video below which is all of the seconds edited together in sequential order. Originally the video was going to be 100 seconds long, but as I got further into the project I felt like pushing through and doing the entire year. The video is a bit of a bizarre mash up of memories, in-jokes and random shots of my cat. The video served as reminder of the turbulent nature of 2014 for me. There where ups, there were downs, there were tears and there were definitely a lot of laughs. If you were part of my life during 2014, there is a chance that you will be in this.

To put this together I used an app called 1SE which helped construct the edit (doing this by hand in a standard non-linear editor would have been a horrifically difficult task). It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to do something similar. As to whether or not I will do one for 2015, the answer is, sadly, no. As fun as this was to put this together, it was also at times quite stressful. The further into the project I got the higher the pressure was to not miss a day. There would be times when I would realise at 11.58pm that I didn’t record anything for the day and quickly had to rush to the phone to capture anything I could. There were also times when I found myself regretting missing certain events because my phone’s battery died and instead had to shoot something generic for the day when I got back home. I may do something like this again in a couple of years but for 2015 I think I’m just going to take it easy.
Anyway, that was 2014. Thanks to everyone in my life who made it a year I’ll never forget.