Seeking Greener Grass

I've been in Cape Town for over 3 months now and thinking about it, not much is different from my life in London. I still have to do the long commute into work every morning, I still have make the weekly migration to buy groceries, I still have to keep an eye on the finances, I still feel exhausted after work and want to just chill out and do nothing. Although I wasn't expecting moving to Cape Town to be a completely different way of life. For me, it's just a change of scenery. My life is still the same, I just happen to be living it in a different continent. To me, that's enough.

I had a person here tell me that they wanted to leave Cape Town and start a different life somewhere else. They complained about feeling like they were stuck in a rut, that they were not achieving anything that they felt was significant in their life. They were worried that they would grow old realising that they'd never experienced life outside their home town. They felt like they wanted to get away from the drudgery of their daily routine and wanted to experience a different way of living. The place they were looking to move to was London. It was like I was talking to a version of me 6 months ago in London.

Having moved from London to Cape Town I was ready to list off all of the reasons I left the place, but I decided against it. All of the negative points about my home town from the increasing cost of living to the terrible weather were on the tip of my tongue, but, I felt that it wouldn't be appropriate for me to list them off to somebody who was clearly excited about the prospect of moving to London. My experience of London is different, I was born there, I'd lived there all my life, my relationship to it is different. In the same way this person's reasons for wanting to leave Cape Town are personal to them. No matter what we would have said to each other about the other's destination of choice, I very much doubt that it would have changed our minds.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes people just want a little shake up in their lives. I certainly got the change that I wanted from Cape Town. I am sure that the person I spoke to will find the change they desire from London.