Goodbye London

Having to say goodbye to my friends was never going to be easy, but I never expected it to be this bad.
Coming to join me for one final drink in Shoreditch was a whole spectrum of friends that I met through different phases in my life. There were childhood friends, fellow university students, the raver crew and reliable drinking partners. I also realised that a lot of them hadn't met each other before and we're quickly exchanging stories of some embarrassing performances from myself. I kept wishing I had more time to spend with each of them, but then, the realisation that I won't be seeing them again for a while started to sink in.
As mentioned in a previous post, my relationship with my immediate family is a complex one. As a result, my friends became my surrogate family (unbeknown to them). They would become the ones I would talk to when I needed advice, the ones who would help me out when I needed a hand and generally be a great bunch of people. So here I stood, in this bar in Shoreditch with all of them looking at me as if they would never see me again. I couldn't bear to look at them too long; It's hard enough having to see just one of my friends upset, but here I had all of them looking upset. Managed to get the words "I'll see you next year" out before my voice started to choke. I left with my wife and didn't say a word to her until we got on the bus.
Whilst I am sad to have to leave them behind, I know that I will see them all again. I look forward to catching up with them a year from now and seeing how their lives pan out from a different perspective.