Not Bothered

This used to be quite therapeutic. 
Deciding to emigrate has meant that I've had to quit my job here in the UK. One of the things I've observed is that since handing in my notice, I've been less and less bothered by stuff at work. That's not to say, "I can't be bothered to work", but rather, the things that used to drive me insane in the office, now don't seem to bother me any more.
That guy, who keeps wasting my time with pointless requests, when he could have easily have dealt with them himself? Strangely, not as annoying. Those patronising emails I would get in the morning, from one particular bint woman? No problem. That person, who always pisses on the toilet seat in the men's toilets? Still disgusting, but not the end of the world.
The strange thing is, all of the things that used to stress me out at work, now no longer seem to be such a big deal. These things are still happening, but somehow, they no longer push my buttons. Which makes me wonder; why did I let that stuff bother me before?
Did I just tap into some kind of recessive, meditative state that had been lurking around, in the corner of my brain, and in the process discover the secret to a stress free life? Probably not. The likely answer, that my mind is just pre-occupied, thinking about all of the factors of my move. All the i's I have to dot and the t's I have to cross to make sure that the move goes smoothly. So, those encounters with the printer that takes 4 minutes 34 seconds to warm up before it actually starts printing? Fairly trivial.