Keeping an Eye on Old Friends

As much as I hate it, I'm going to need it.
The hardest part of this move so far has been to say goodbye to old friends.
But the Internet has made the world a smaller place and there's plenty of ways to keep in touch. The question is, which way am I going to choose?
When my wife and I were in a long distance relationship for over a year Skype and SMS were our only forms of communication. Occasionally we would use Google+ if Skype was down and Twitter if SMS messages weren't coming through but ultimately, it was Skype that kept us together. Video chat just felt like a better choice. There was something about being able to see her that made our time apart a little bit more bearable.
The problem is though, I only really want to use Skype with close family, simply because it is such a time consuming way to keep in touch. As much as I would love to, there just isn't enough hours in a day to have an hour long Skype chat with all of my friends. What's needed is something a little more passive.
I'm big fans of Twitter, Google+ and good old fashioned email. But, unfortunately, not many of my close friends use it. The obvious answer here is of course Facebook, but this is where I have a dilemma. I very publicly left Facebook and swore to never return.
"I hate Facebook and I'm not joining again, if my mates want to keep in touch with me they can use email, Twitter or Google Plus" I told my wife.
"But they're not going to send you a message every time they do something. At least on Facebook you can see how their lives pan out" she replied.
I paused for thought and then realised that she was totally right, as much as I stubbornly refuse to get back on Facebook, I can't deny the fact that most of my friend's lives are posted on there at the moment. Facebook allows for a passive way to keep an eye on their lives, to see how their lives pan out after I leave. Even though I won't be with them, it's nice to know what they're up to.
So, I've bit the bullet and re-joined the necessary evil that is Facebook. My account is here, if you know me, add me.